Finding the right buyer for your home requires effectively getting the word out about your

unique property.


In today’s real estate environment, the primary marketing channel is the internet.

However, that being said, a great real estate agent will do more than simply post your listing

on the multiple listing service (MLS).  He or she will be familiar with the multiple ways

people can access real estate information on the internet, and will use it your advantage.

That’s why it’s so important to work with an agent who has the ability, and the network, to

reach buyers who are seeking what your property is offering.


A highly visible real estate agent who is effectively utilizing online marketing will be

knowledgeable in both search engine optimization (SEO) as well as having and utilizing a

strong social media presence. Let’s face it: these days, much of people’s lives take place on

or through their smart phones and computers! And we need to meet them there if we want

to reach them.


Granted, an agent’s personal network is still an asset. However, make sure the agent you

choose is well-versed and fully immersed in a strong online marketing presence.  Your

home’s ability to compete with the other homes on the market, along with other factors like

days on market and getting top dollar per square foot, depend on it.


Larry Clarke has been developing real estate websites in the Puget Sound region for many

years. Check out some of his network of sites, like or Larry will be happy to discuss wit your how your home can

be placed and marketing on one of his many unique search engines.


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