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Larry and Linda Clarke both were born and raised in Washington State and have over the years developed these niche real estate and community websites for your use and enjoyment.  Both  Larry and Linda have been leading real estate brokers for over forty years in the Puget Sound Region. Simply stated we design our websites to give you the opportunity to search for real estate across all regions of  Washington State and beyond. You will find interesting regional and community information for real estate opportunities and the many life styles options that each region has to offer. We hope you enjoy the many features that are available at your finger tips and please tell your family and friends about these websites and have them put the search engines to work for our youth and veterans here in Washington.

Thank You,  Larry and Linda

Honor and Integrity
Honesty is the cornerstone of our website series. The personal promise of each of our Brokers and Agents is to be Always Honest in everything we do at maintaining the web programs which is vital to our continued growth and success.

It is the commitment of all of our team members and associates to a culture of honesty contributes significantly to our reputation for integrity and fair dealings with our clients, advertisers, shareholders and supporters. We aggressively promote this culture of honesty and diligently acts to protect this valuable asset in everything we do, and with everyone we deal with; customers, co-workers, suppliers, partners and supporters – we are Always Honest! All of our Brokers, Agents and business affiliates agree to act in the highest ethical manner, to never violate a law and to recognize that it’s our duty to report any suspected unethical or illegal conduct within our web programs. Our management team is proud to uphold these strong moral values.

Better Properties Washington is offering Unique Luxury Homes and Waterfront Properties through out the Pacific Northwest with community pages supported by our experienced brokers and neighborhood affiliates. Detailed property pages with neighborhood information allows you to discover your perfect home in the best communities, meeting your family’s needs and life styles.

Washington Waterfronts offers beautiful photos and videos of some of the Northwest’s finest waterfront properties. Detailed property pages and island community information allows you to discover your perfect home in the best waterfront communities, meeting your family’s needs and life styles.

Touch The Pacific Northwest website offers beautiful photos and videos of some of the Northwest’s finest communities and events that allows you and your family to enjoy many great adventures and events around the Pacific Northwest.

Pierce County Real Estate Property Search

Touch Hawaii Travel and Real Estate opportunities in the 50 th  State

Projects for 2017,  include the development and roll out of our Youth Move America website.



Fox Island, Gig HarborPort Orchard, Bremerton, Tacoma, Puyallup

We invite you to learn more about Youth Move America and we welcome you to come be a part of our program in teaching our younger leaders business principles and training through our community web programs in the Residential Real Estate Industry. We provide an integrated approach that combines job-readiness training with experiential learning as a process through which students develop knowledge, skills, and values from direct experiences outside a traditional academic setting. in web programming, design and deployment of community based web pages and posts along with Real Estate skills in office management, marketing and sales. Students build confidence and skills through workshops, one-on-one guidance, career exploration, and college preparation assistance, and then put those new skills into practice through internships and employment. We will be adding communities around the Puget Sound Region. Please feel free to call with your questions and or for scheduling an interview for your community opportunities. We need Real Estate Mentors and Brokers in several community to be sponsors so please call today or e mail us for your information packet.  Students to be involved in Youth Move America training services and job opportunities, you must sign up to become a member. If you are 13 – 29 years old and are a student or enrolled in Collage or a GED program call,  253 549 3261  for additional information.

Thank you,

Larry and Linda Clarke